Marquee hire package

6x12 Golden Dream

6x12m marquee package avaliable for hire from Golden Dream Marquees

The 6x12 Golden Dream Hire package is our most popular package, perfect for larger events such as weddings or corporate gatherings. The package includes a heavy duty 6m x 12m marquee with flooring, linings, lighting and furniture. The marquee can hold up to 120 guests standing or 80 guests seated there is also pleanty of room for a dance floor, DJ or band area. The marquee we use is made of the highest quality PVC and framework with interchangeable walls, windows or doors in each 2m wide section

  • Roof Linings
  • Wall Linings
  • Curtains & swags
  • Flooring - Dance floors & hard floors or carpet
  • Lighting - Festoons & Chandeliers
  • Heating
  • Tables & chairs of your choice
  • Roof material: 500gsm Rip-stop PVC
  • Side material: 500gsm Rip-stop PVC
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 2m Eave height
  • 3m apex height
  • True Georgian' curved windows
  • Interchangeable side panels (place walls and windows anywhere)
  • 42mm & 38mm Diameter framework
  • Groundbars included
  • Horizontal roof braces
  • Vertical roof braces
  • Intermediate purlin strengther in roof
  • Eaves braces
  • Windstop velcro sealed
  • Flame retardant to BS5438 & BS7837
  • Rain skirt on all 4 sides
  • Can connect to similar marquees
  • Width: 6m
  • Length: 12m
  • Capacity (formal seating): 30-80
  • Capacity (standing): 40-120
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We offer any combination of marquee with any combination of marquee accessory.

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A list of popular marquee sizes and their standing and seated capacity. We offer all sizes listed plus more.

2m x 2m Walkway 2m x 4m Walkway 2m x 6m Walkway
3m Marquees
Marquee Size Capacity Seated Capacity Standing
3m x 2m Marquee 4-8 4-12
3m x 4m Marquee 6-12 9-18
3m x 6m Marquee 12-20 15-30
3m x 8m Marquee 12-24 18-35
3m x 10m Marquee 18-40 27-60
3m x 12m Marquee 12-24 18-35
4m Marquees
Marquee Size Capacity Seated Capacity Standing
4m x 4m Marquee 8-15 10-22
4m x 6m Marquee 12-24 18-35
4m x 8m Marquee 12-30 18-45
4m x 10m Marquee 15-35 18-55
4m x 12m Marquee 20-48 25-70
6m Marquees
Marquee Size Capacity Seated Capacity Standing
6m x 4m Marquee 12-24 18-35
6m x 6m Marquee 15-40 20-60
6m x 8m Marquee 20-50 30-75
6m x 10m Marquee 30-65 40-100
6m x 12m Marquee 30-80 40-120
6m x 14m Marquee 30-10 60-140
6m x 16m Marquee 40-110 70-160
6m x 18m Marquee 40-120 70-180
6m x 20m Marquee 50-130 80-200
6m x 24m Marquee 60-160 80-240
9m Marquees
Marquee Size Capacity Seated Capacity Standing
9m x 12m Marquee 40-120 40-180
Pop-up Marquees
3m x 3m Pop-up Marquee
3m x 6m Pop-up Marquee
4m x 4m Pop-up Marquee
4m x 8m Pop-up Marquee